Shipping And Returns

Shipping Policy

The average ship time is 5 to 10 business days, or depending on how close you live to one of our warehouses in NJ, PA, MA, IL, CA And FLA

So really shipping can possibly be shorter than that, maybe a day, a few days it all depends where your Lionel train set is shipping out of.

Some train sets ship free anywhere in the continental USA, it will say on the product page under the product title if it has free shipping. Also our shopping cart can only handle one free shipping item at a time, so if you order a Lionel train with free shipping and another train set that does not have free shipping, our shopping cart will charge you for shipping on both Lionel trains, so you would have to order them separetley. But if you order 2 or more items that don't have free shipping on trains then the shopping cart will work fine. When we do ship a Lionel train free, it ships ground. If you need it shipped asap, then you will have to pay for express shipping and you will have to contqct us to get an express shipping quote.

If UPS or Fedex ship you a damaged box, please refuse the package and contact us asap to tell us what happened. If they leave a damaged box at your door, please contact us asap within 48 hours so we can have the shipper come out to your place and inspect the package because we have to put a claim in with them and ship you a new Lionel train.

Return Policy:

All Sales Are Final, But If the Lionel train is defective it is covered under the Lionel manufacturers warranty, but If an item is older than a year old from the last catalog date that item was in on Lionel.com then that item is no longer covered by the Lionel manufacturers warranty.

Click here for details of Lionel's Warranty  Lionel will try & get it repaired for you as long as it is under Lionel's warranty guidelines.

The reason for our all sales are final policy is, we have customers in the past that buy a train set, open it up, decide they do not want it and send it back because they do not like it. Well once you open it up, we cannot sell it anymore because it is not new anymore. But again, if it is defective and we only sell new Lionel trains, you will be covered under Lionels manufacturers warranty and you are only covered by this because if you bought the Lionel train from us, we are an authorized dealer, if you buy from a non Lionel authorized dealer, Lionel's manufactuer warranty does not apply and you wiould be stuck with any repair costs.

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